letting my body know that i’m awake

Saturday morning, my body is on time, and my brain is starting to calculate the hours it has allowed us to sleep.  After it does that, my brain starts idling, then churning, and suddenly, “healthy investments – in daily doses.”  I know it sounds random – I write proposals all day, and here I am, proposing to myself because my brain is awake, and my body has yet to make up its mind and answer, “Yes.” 

As I begin to feel the years passing and see its effects on family members, friends, and co-workers, I find myself dispensing more un-scientific advice on what-to-eat and what-not-to-eat.  I find that instead of, “How are you?” I have picked up the senior citizens’ greetings of, “How are you feeling?” 

And how am I feeling?  Generally, well.  Well enough that my body will not let me sleep in on the weekends, and my brain will begin devising taglines like, “Letting your body know you’re all you’ve got.”  So, here is where we start – I will gather all the information I’ve learned about healthy foods and herbal remedies in one place.  I will begin by sharing a couple of things that my family have tried and proven effective – all in the spirit of healing and awakening.

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