Everyone knows that eggs are a good source of protein for a healthy and balanced diet. But even at age eight, Ramona Quimby had the right idea when she cracked her egg over her head and allowed it to run into her hair. Yes, eggs and hair! Good luck to myself on finding any further laboratory research on the beneficial connection, but yes, we have researched it, and it works!

After years and years of perms and hair dyes – my mom’s hair was damaged, dry, and unhappy. Then Mom found out about egg shampoo – massaging raw, chicken eggs into your hair and scalp to stimulate new growth and make “old” hair “new” again. After “washing” her hair with eggs for three days, spread over one full week, she noticed the new shine in her hair right away. After two weeks of that, she started applying eggs once every other week, and now, once a month. Even in less than a month, her friends began commenting on her new look – which was, the same hairstyle, but fresh, shiny, youthful hair. One friend thought she was using a salon product that she recommended to Mom. Others asked if she was working less or sleeping more. Still others asked for her secret.

My mom has tried everything to reverse damaged hair. She heard about using lemon juice, but tried it for several months, to no avail. To this day, her hair is regularly dyed, and yet, undamaged. That is the power contained in the mysterious egg.

How to “wash” your hair with an egg: If you do a search on Google, you can actually find several formulas for “egg shampoo.” Some contain olive or wheat germ oil; others contain lemon juice; and still others contain a variety of fruits that I don’t even want to think about in my hair. Mom modestly chalks it up to laziness, but she discovered that one whole egg – with no other ingredients added – does the trick. To create your own egg hair mask, beat one whole egg in a bowl, use a soft (hair dye) brush to brush it into your hair, following your scalp. If you have lots of hair, perhaps you may need two eggs. Massage the rest of your hair into the mixture (as if you were shampooing, but slightly messier). Place a shower cap over your head, wrap it up with a towel to prevent leakage, and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. When the allotted time is over – now this is the most important part – rinse with lukewarm water! Why lukewarm? You don’t want to fry your egg on top of your head – it will create a bigger mess, and it will take you a lot longer to get the sticky egg pieces off your head. Wash with your usual hair shampoo, and rinse till clean. Oh, and Mom doesn’t even use conditioner!

Where to find it: For once, it’s not only at your local Chinese grocery store; eggs can be found pretty much anywhere there’s refrigeration, even at the corner bodega.

What else: Eggs are, again, a healthy treat, and delicious, pretty much any way you cook it. So what else can you do with eggs externally? Eggs have been used for face masks to moisturize your skin and tighten up pores. However, beware of allergic reactions. While some people may have allergic reactions to eating eggs, others may have skin reactions. So, if you are very concerned, check with your doctor before doing a skin egg-rub test, let alone a hair mask.

Who’s done the research:
Sure, there’s plenty of research done on the nutritional value of eggs, including, its role in dietary fat and cholesterol, and as a source of protein and vitamins. But research on the external applications of eggs? The search will be ongoing.

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8 thoughts on “eggs

  1. Ramya.M on said:

    Whether the yellow fat can also be applied to hair? Full egg or only the white alone to be applied? Does it stink bad because of egg?

  2. yes – in fact, one should apply the egg yolk first, then the egg white. of course, it smells like you have egg in your hair before you wash it off completely.

  3. m 19yrs of age n hav been goin through excess hairfall…my hair is almost half of wat it was earlier…i’l definitely try eggs on my hair n let u kno my xperience aftr a month…thanx

  4. is it bad to wash your hair with egg, right after you dyed it?

  5. i asked my mother about this, and she advised that you always do an egg wash just before dyeing your hair: egg wash, rinse with lukewarm water, let it dry, then dye hair. the egg wash allows the dye to hold even stronger. afterwards, you can wash your hair as you like, whenever you normally do. good luck!

  6. Easter ritual in Germany: to eat eggs, eggs, eggs …

  7. Melissa Harris on said:

    Is this egg shampoo good for African American hair that has just been relaxed . I just put a relaxer in my hair and i want to make sure its safe to use the egg shampoo .

  8. it worked for my mom and her perm.

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