egg white

Venturing into non-dietary territory, for the last three weeks, I’ve been trying out the egg white facial mask. Like with many other treatments, both dietary and other, I started out by doing it once a day, towards the evening, before bed. Cracking a raw egg and separating the egg white into a container, I apply the egg white onto a cleansed face. As soon as the egg white dries and my face feels like it’s starting to freeze, I rinse it off with a wet towel. In my opinion, there was an immediate difference in the tightening of the pores by morning. After a full week of this, I started applying the egg white facial mask every other day, and now every two days.

The most amazing thing the egg white facial does is treat rising acne. As you may have read from the pearl barley post, I’ve tried other topical treatments before, and I’ve noticed that all of them “treat” acne by speeding up the healing process. However, I have to say, early in the first week, I felt a pimple rising irritatingly (still unseen, but felt) on my chin, and after I applied the facial mask in the evening, I arose in the morning with the hint of the pimple completely gone.

There were no bumps and no feeling what-so-ever of anything rising from underneath the skin. That’s when I truly believed the cleansing power from the simple egg white.

Try it yourself today. What have you got to lose?

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7 thoughts on “egg white

  1. marisaskitchen on said:

    wow, so cool! I don’t eat eggs, but maybe this might be good for my skin care regime! Are you still using every 2 days?

  2. now i’m doing it maybe once or twice a week, depending on how i feel and look (smile). i don’t want to overdo it…

  3. does it still work for you ’till now? i have this egg thing on my face right now and still hoping for a good! any side effects so far?

  4. yes, it still works for me now! i love the cleansing feeling. remember not to keep it on for too long. i think even before a minute, it already feels like it’s hardening, and then it’s time to wash it off! no side effects! let me add that once, i mixed in some egg yolk, and the latter was much more potent, which led me to have a very slight allergic reaction, but my skin is sensitive, so it may not have the same “side effect” for others! (smile) good luck!

  5. I love natural skin remedies. So simple and so cheap! Oatmeal masks are good too.

  6. what about salmonella risk?

  7. most unlikely, but not impossible (especially if you have lowered immune system or are very young) – you still have to ingest it.

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